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Are you considering the addition of a new dog to your family?

K9 Nirvana, LLC strongly encourages adoption from local shelters and rescue organizations where so many loving dogs dream of joining a family just like yours.

Homeless dogs become so for a variety of reasons including: breakup of their families, a dog’s family relocates and cannot take the dog(s) along, foreclosure or a family realizes they simply cannot afford to support the dog any longer, a child’s unexpected allergies, a female surprises her family with a litter of puppies that now need homes, the dog’s human dies, and the list goes on & on.

Sadly, sometimes it’s just because a person adopted when they really didn’t think it through & realize they can’t or don’t want to properly care for the dog. At times people will dump a dog that has fallen ill or is growing old and in need of more attentive care. In shelters and rescues, dogs of all ages and breeds -- from puppies to seniors, from large to small -- wait for you to open your home and heart to them so they can show you just how much love they have to give in return. No matter the age, breed, or size, with a little seeking, you will find the perfect dog for your family at one of our many rescues and shelters throughout Northern Virginia.

We ask you to please seriously consider your options of adoption through your local animal shelters and rescue organizations. Below, we list the local organizations working to find every dog a loving home. Save a life, welcome a homeless dog into your home, and prepare for your new furry friend to teach you the true meaning of unconditional love.

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