In Human Terms

We consider ourselves some of the luckiest people on the planet. We are a group of animal lovers who get to work with animals all day long. For people who would rather spend their time with animals than, well, anyone else, this is living the dream!

But it is not all fun and games - just don't tell the pets that! We take pet care VERY seriously!!

As pet parents ourselves, we know how difficult it is to find someone you can entrust with taking care of our pets in our absence. That is the main reason K9 Nirvana Pet Care was born. We wanted to be the someone who would take care of your pets with the same amount of love and care as you do yourself. Our clients have assured us that we have accomplished just that and far exceeded their expectations.

K9 Nirvana Pet Care takes pet care to the next level. We are not only in the pet sitting and dog walking business. We are in the peace of mind business. Our clients can travel and work with total peace of mind while their pets enjoy loving, attentive care from us.

Would you believe some of our clients never took a vacation until they met us because they had yet to find someone they could trust with their pets? Now those same people take a few vacations per year and can thoroughly enjoy their time away from home because they know their pets are having a blast back home while we're taking fantastic care of them.

Our clients often thank us for going above and beyond what they'd ever expect from their pet care company but we wouldn't have it any other way.

K9 Nirvana Pet Care goes way beyond a leash, walk, and a fresh bowl of water. We take a collaborative approach to pet care - often closely working together with clients to address medical or behavioral issues or to support a pet through the last stages of their lives. Everyone works together to give your pets the best quality of life possible at every stage of their lives.

As pet care professionals, we have built a solid, ever-expanding base of knowledge from years of pet care experience. Your pets benefit from that experience. If we haven't seen a behavioral or medical issue before, you had better believe we're going to learn about it so we can provide even better support for your pet.

Our clients see us as a very valuable resource with our wealth of animal knowledge. Our clients know they are never alone whether they are raising a new puppy or trying to make the best end of life decision for their beloved pet. Yes, our clients get so much more than just a walk for their dog. Our clients and their pets have a reliable, knowledgeable support system in K9 Nirvana Pet Care because we can't help but love every one of their pets just as if that pet were our very own.

In Dog Terms

For some dogs, it's a relaxing belly rub, a snuggly cuddle or a sniffy trek along a nature trail. For some dogs, it's the mad dash to the overloaded basket of toys to select just the right one to show off when guests arrive. For some dogs, it's a quiet nap in a favorite spot while the humans are at work. For some dogs, it's a playful romp around the yard with a fellow pup that evolves into tug of war over a mutually favorite Kong

For most dogs, it's a balanced combination of all of the above!